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Next Bulk Beef Order Deadline July 18th 2024

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June 23, 2024

Hi everyone, 

Our next bulk beef butcher date is July 18th with the meat ready for pickup/delivery by the second week of August.    

You will pay a deposit at time of purchase through our website and be billed by the hanging weight once the beef is butchered.  We will then update your order based on the actual weight and bill you the balance minus the deposit adding any additional delivery fees (if applicable) and apply any discounts/coupons you may have. 

We do have other dates available as well that you can reserve today (September and December).  

OR you can purchase by the individual cut which is available right now!  
NOTE:  We have a special promotion until July 4th for 10% off beef cuts.  Use code coupon code 2024JULY4TH10 at checkout! (This code cannot be used on bulk beef orders of 1/4, 1/2, wholes).

Please get your orders in now if you wish to have save by buying in bulk.  

For bulk beef you can either have it delivered to your door, for an additional fee which you'll see at checkout, or pick up the meat yourself at our butcher (Solar Meats in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin).

If you have other questions be sure to check out our FAQ.   

Or feel free to reach out to us with any other questions. 

I'll be posting a separate blog soon on what's been happening on the farm.   It's been a busy couple months with getting cattle out on pasture, taking a vacation with my family to the Utah National Parks after our kids got out of school, doing first crop hay, and dealing with some major flooding over the past week.   Look for a new blog soon to hear a little more!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!




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