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How We Farm


All our beef cattle are outside enjoying pasture year-round for their entire lives. Spring through early winter they graze a pasture with a great diversity of plants. In winter months they are fed hay on pasture while grazing what grass we’ve stockpiled. We follow intensive rotational grazing practices to help optimize quality grass intake by the cows and improve our pastures. 

  • On pasture year round
  • Improve nutrient density with diversity of plants
  • Management intensive grazing practices

Regenerative Farming Practices

For the 50+ years that we have farmed this land, we have always looked for ways to improve our farming practices, and ultimately the soil which sustains all the plants and animals on our farm. In 2022, we took part in a soil health research study with the University of Wisconsin-Madison which looked at how different grazing practices affected soil health to learn more about how our grazing practices are improving the soil. Healthier soil means healthier plants, healthier animals and ultimately healthier meat. 

  • Diverse species of plants
  • Don’t disturb the soil (no-till)
  • Keep our soil covered
  • Living plants in the soil at all times
  • Livestock on the land
  • Continuous conservation improvements
  • Soil health research participants with UW-Madison

100% Grass-fed, Grass-Finished Cattle

Our beef is fed a diverse mix of grasses throughout their entire lifetime. This includes the pastures they are grazing and the dried grasses in the form of hay bales they are fed in the winter. They are not fed any grain or grain by-products during their lifetime. 

  • Lifetime grass-fed
  • Diverse grass / hay diet
  • No grain or grain by-products

Quality Beef

100% grass-fed and grass-finished animals take longer to reach a mature finish where you get a high-quality, well-marbled product. We ensure they are ready to butcher, and we don’t cut corners here. Once butchered, our meat is dry-aged for at least 3 weeks, which enhances the beef flavor and tenderness. Our beef is raised from birth on our farm with no use of hormones, added antibiotics, or pesticides on our pastures / forage.

NOTE: Antibiotics may be used due to illness and only under a veterinarian's guidance.

  • Grass-fed/finished product (100%)
  • Well marbled
  • Dry-aged 3+ weeks
  • No hormones or added antibiotics
  • No pesticides

Family and Friends

Three generations are involved on our farm today, as was the case when we first bought the farm. Now the next generation is getting big enough to be able to help with some more significant chores and learn to appreciate the value of hard work. Friends come to help pitch in from time to time when an extra hand is needed.


We farm and serve customers in the Driftless region of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. We raise all our animals from birth, so we have full management of the animals from birth to butcher on our farm. We’re proud to work with a local processor (Solar Meats) within 15 miles of our farm, which reduces the stress on our animals during delivery and supports another local business. 

  • All animals raised from birth on our farm
  • Serving the Driftless region
  • Proudly support a butcher within 15 miles of our farm

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