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Champlin’s Sugar Creek Farm has gone digital

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March 1, 2023

By the time you’re reading this, you’ve now realized we have a website or you may have found this blog through one of our new social media channels and found your way here. Welcome to blog number one, where my goal is to help you learn a little bit more about our farm. Many of you who know us are saying, it's about time! I know, we’ve finally become part of the digital age. For those of you reading this that may not know much about us, let me start with what we do today.

Our La Crosse, WI farm is focused entirely on raising high-quality 100% grass-fed/finished beef from birth to butcher. Because we raise our animals from birth we can tweak the many variables that influence a high-quality grass-fed beef product but also ensure we’re improving the health of our soil, the forage our cattle eat, and also the health and wellbeing of our animals.


Today, we sell all our beef by the quarter and half. Be sure to browse the convenient packages in our shop and see which might be ideal for your family. I’ve taken the most common custom orders from the past 5+ years to make it easy to pick a package that includes the cuts of beef that best fit your preferences in the kitchen and for your family. From the most creative cooks in the kitchen, to the “grill master”, to those that have 100-uses for ground beef, you’ll find something that meets your needs.

Feel free to reach out if you can’t find a grass-fed beef package that works for you, and we can discuss some options to help. Also, sign up for our newsletter as we are planning to add some additional products such as smaller bundles in the future.

As we’ve been growing our business of selling direct to consumers in the Driftless region over the last 5+ years, the demand and new relationships with customers we don’t closely know has also grown. They’ve grown to a point where we need a much simpler way to manage our orders as well as our general communications with all our farm customers. Beyond simplifying the ordering process, we plan to use this website and our social media channels to help you get to know us better and to share what’s going on at our farm.

To start with, check out the Our Family Farm page to learn more about the history of our farm and our family. The farmland that we own today was first homesteaded in 1855 and for majority of the farm my parents were just the 3rd owners when they first purchased the land in 1971. This is a picture of the first herd of beef cattle my dad had in 1971.


Also, we know how important our farming practices are to our customers.  To learn a little more about how we farm and raise our beef cattle, please check out How We Farm

I’ll go into more detail on many of these topics in future blogs. 

Welcome to our website and blog number one!

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