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April 2024 Bulk Beef (SOLD OUT)

written by

Ryan Champlin

posted on

March 20, 2024

Hi everyone, 

UPDATE APRIL 1st:  We have now sold out all bulk beef for our April butcher date.   BUT we do have other dates available for bulk later this summer.  OR you can purchase by the individual cut which is available right now!

We are fast approaching our next butcher date which is in early April 2024.  

Please get your orders in now if you wish to have save by buying in bulk this spring.   

We had sold out for April a couple of weeks ago, however my butcher had some additional availability so I was able to add one more animal for April which means I have just 4 quarters available at this point.   

Our next planned butchering isn't until August of 2024 as of right now.  But there's a chance I may open up another option in July.  

For bulk beef you can either have it delivered to your door, for an additional fee which you'll see at checkout, or pick up the meat yourself at our butcher. 

A quick update from the farm.  Our cattle have really been enjoying this warm weather and snacking on a little early grass that's come up in a few spots in our pasture.   However, it does look like a return to winter here in the next week.   After last years drought and a winter low on snow we could really use the snow/rain this spring.  

This time of year we are starting to get ready for our spring calving with our mama cow herd.  They will start halving calves around the beginning of April we'll usually be done by May.   Once in a great while we get a late one.  If all goes well we'll have about 25 new baby calves over the next 2 months.   I'll be sure to post a blog once our first new babies start to come over the next few weeks. 


Ryan and the Champlin Family


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