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New Products - Individual Cuts Available Immediately!

written by

Ryan Champlin

posted on

April 26, 2024

Hi everyone, 

Have you ever wanted direct from the farm beef but didn't want to buy a whole cow (or even a quarter)?   Well now you can order any combination of cuts and quantities through our website. 


Up until now, we have only sold bulk beef by the quarter, half, or whole and required a reservation for a future butchering date for our beef.  But now you can order any cuts you want and they are available immediately (if in stock). 

How do I order individual cuts? 

  • Go to our store on the website
  • Select "Grass-fed Beef by the Cut" on the menu on the left
  • If you don't see any products, change your default location at top center of the screen, to "Pickup in La Crosse, WI (Coulee Region Business Center - cuts and small bundles only)" (See the video below for more details)
    • NOTE:  Cuts are only available for pickup at this La Crosse location right now.  We may offer delivery in the future for cuts as we do for bulk beef.
  • Add the cuts/quantities you want to your cart
  • Submit your order (min. order of $150 required right now) - the order total will be an estimated cost based on average weights
  • Final Cost / Order Packing - when we pack your order we will enter the actual weights of your meat into the order and you will be billed based on that.  

To ensure this is clear I created a short video to explain how this is done:

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Why don't I see any products?   Our website platform requires that we define pickup locations or delivery areas and products are hidden/shown based on their availability for each location.  When you create an account there is one default location set which you can change at any time.    Here are the locations/delivery options we have as of now per product type:
    • Individual cuts of beef 
      • Pickup in La Crosse, WI (at Coulee Region Business Center)
    • Bulk Beef (quarter, half, whole)
      • PIckup at our butcher Solar Meats
      • Home Delivery (within our supported delivery zones)
  • Account or no account?   If you don't currently have an account setup you'll see all the products as you have no default location set.   Once you try to add a product to your shopping cart you will be required to enter your zip code and create an account to complete your order.   You will need to set/change your default location at the center/near top of the screen depending on if you're ordering individual cuts or bulk beef which would be ready at a future date.

Don't see a cut you want available?   We have a few more coming soon so shoot me a message on what you're looking for. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us at


Ryan Champlin

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