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Shredded Beef in the Slow Cooker
I find as I’ve talking to many customers over the years, many people are looking for something easy and quick for their busy families and trying to find something new. I’m frankly surprised how many people don’t have a recipe like this, so I wanted to share the most common way I use my roasts. It’s extremely easy, but since we’re using a slow cooker, it is not something that you can “quickly” whip up last minute. However, it takes very little preparation and something you can do quickly in the morning before everyone takes off for their day. It’s so easy and, unless you have a large family, guaranteed to provide leftovers.
Homemade Meatballs
This recipe takes a little work and if you don’t like getting your hands dirty you might want to use a food processor. But it’s really not that hard and is one of my go-to recipes for my hungry boys that they love and never get tired of.
Beef “Barbeque” Sandwiches
Depending on where you’re from or family tradition you may also know these as “sloppy joes”. Our family always called them “barbeques” so we’ll go with that. This is a simple semi-homemade recipe that our kids love and are really quick to make.
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